In case of unexpected events, such as fire, explosions or natural catastrophes (flood, earthquake), an appropriate property insurance maintains the value of the company assets and provides the basis for further business operations.


Liquidity is one of the most important factors of business performance of each company. In recent years, the liquidity has been a very serious problem of Slovenian and international companies.


Commercial auto insurance covers company vehicles, such as personal cars, trucks, vans, forklifts, etc.


Doing the business in a constantly changing environment is a complex and demanding task. Companies can become liable at any time. Therefore the liability insurance should be one of the most important coverages that companies purchase.


Transport insurance is one of the oldest types of cover. Each transport means exposure to the various types of risks. Insurance of goods during transport (cargo insurance) provides protection against such risks; which means cover the damage and losses sustained during transport due to external and unexpected perils (including some special or even war risks).


For a long time, international companies have recognized the fact that satisfied and loyal employees are key to the company’s success. Therefore the companies strive to offer their employees something more than solely a salary.

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