Employee Benefits (Insurance)

For a long time, international companies have recognized the fact that satisfied and loyal employees are key to the company’s success. Therefore the companies strive to offer their employees something more than solely a salary.

Based on many years of cooperation with many international and domestic companies, we noticed a positive trend in terms of employee remuneration in the form of ensuring their financial security. This represents the way that companies show their care for the employees, with positive effects on employees’ motivation, development and, consequently, the performance of the entire company.

There is a wide variety of forms of remuneration. The forms that are particularly important are those that ensure that the standard of living, despite potential adverse life events, is maintained at a level that ensures a decent life. Specific examples:

  • Life insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Health insurance with assistance abroad
  • Above standard health insurance
  • Voluntary supplementary pension insurance.

We can also assist your company in establishing an appropriate and effective model of remuneration.

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